Hawker Shops Revitalisation

Share your ideas for the future of Woolworths and Hawker shops

What is happening?

We are looking at options to revitalise a section of the Hawker shopping precinct and increase our offering in Hawker - with possible complementary shops and facilities, where family and friends can meet and the community can thrive.

Proposed project location

Map 230623

Our vision is to create a quality location with innovation, sustainability, and community at its heart. A place where the community can come to shop, meet and enjoy.
The ideas we have spoken to the community about include:

  • A fresh, modern, and sustainable design
  • A bigger Woolworths supermarket offering more for your full grocery needs
  • Basement car parking spaces for safe and easy access
  • Public spaces and landscaping that you can enjoy.

We engaged with the local community throughout July and August 2023*

45 people attended an in-person community workshop 179 people provided feedback and insights at community pop-up events 49 people provided submissions, feedback and insights online 4,804 residences reached via letterbox drop 41 local businesses, schools, religious and sporting organisations, across 4 suburbs, provided project information 1973 people visited the project website

We received emails through our website and held meetings with the community and other relevant stakeholders.

View project consultation report [PDF 917kb]

It is our intention to continue to engage with the community throughout the whole development application process

About the location

Hawker is at the centre of a thriving Canberra community, home to schools, sports grounds, and a range of community facilities.
Hawker Place provides a location for people across Hawker and the neighbouring suburbs of Weetangera, Page, and Scullin to access services and amenities with convenience and ease.
Located 9 km north-west from Canberra Civic, Hawker has direct bus routes to the city and nearby Belconnen Westfield via Belconnen Way, the main road that provides a connection to Canberra Civic. We are excited about what the future brings for Woolworths in the Hawker community.

Project timeline

Identification of potential to expand the Woolworths Metro at Hawker Place

Consideration of complementary amenities and services

Early community consultation to understand community sentiment on proposed project

Development of early concept designs

Application to ACT Government to purchase the land

Land purchase
(if successful)

Design refinement and Pre-DA consultation on proposed designs

Submit for DA approval

Construction Planning


Open for business

Frequently asked questions

Woolworths is interested in increasing the size of its Hawker store to provide a bigger and more extensive range of products for consumers in the area. Woolworths is also interested in exploring the potential to expand the project to a revitalisation of part of the wider shopping precinct at Hawker shops. This would include a more modern look and vibe, and environmentally conscious design, with opportunity for specialty shops, basement parking, and other amenities. Prior to progressing this plan, Woolworths is seeking to understand community views on this proposal.
The project would aim to revitalise a section of the existing dated shopping precinct with a modern and refreshed design that considers environmental sustainability and accessibility for those coming to, and utilising facilities.

The expansion of the existing supermarket would provide convenience for customers by offering a larger supermarket with a wider range of products, online ordering services, dedicated pick-up bays and easily accessible parking.

It is expected that a larger supermarket and renewal of this section of the Hawker shops precinct would create job opportunities, contribute to the local economy, and enhance the overall retail experience in Hawker supporting precinct renewal.

Woolworths vision for a possible revitalisation of the facilities at Hawker shops is for a quality location with innovation, sustainability, and community at the centre - a place to shop, meet friends, make plans, and enjoy. Complementing a larger Woolworths supermarket with more products, more shopping options, including online shopping, some ideas include:

  • An updated, modern urban design across approximately 9,000sqm of the site
  • Opportunities for new speciality shopping
  • Basement parking for customer convenience
  • An environment and design that prioritises sustainability.
Woolworths prioritises environmental sustainability in all projects. If Woolworths were to undertake a revitalisation of this section of the Hawker shops it would look to incorporate features like rooftop solar panels and rainwater harvesting to reduce environmental impact and promote energy efficiency.
If Woolworths were to undertake the revitalisation of its facilities Hawker Place, the project would require the merging of several properties, including the existing Woolworths Metro store, commercial shopfronts, a government-owned car park, and additional land as outlined in the map above.

To acquire the parcels of land not currently owned by Woolworths, Woolworths would need to apply to the Environment, Planning, and Sustainable Development Directorate of the ACT Government. This Directorate would then consider and assess the proposal against various criteria to determine its public benefit and feasibility before a decision was made about sale of the site.

Woolworths has identified that a larger store would service the needs of the community providing a larger range of everyday products that are not all currently available at the Metro store. By increasing the size of their Hawker location to provide a larger supermarket, Woolworths will be able to cater to increasing demand and provide improved access to grocery shopping in the area.
There will be opportunities for members of the local community and businesses to shape the vision for the revitalisation. Woolworths will be hosting drop-ins at Hawker Place to talk with people who visit Hawker shops about their visions for the future of the location. Woolworths will also be inviting the community and surrounding businesses to participate in a workshop to explore in more detail how the revitalisation of this section of Hawker shops could cater for the growing community’s needs. Woolworths will also be reaching out to several community representatives. Information and feedback from all interactions will be considered by Woolworths as it explores the possibility of undertaking the revitalisation project.
No. If Woolworths progresses with the project and is successful in purchasing the required land, the community will have opportunity to provide feedback on proposed designs prior to the submission of the Development Application. Feedback at this time would inform the design submitted within the Development Application, where the community will again have opportunity to provide feedback.